Practice Facilities

Indoor Performance Facility

Our Indoor Training & Practice Center provides students of the game with an inside facility that replicates an on-course experience. We have created a place that is fun and inviting for all levels of golfers, one that enhances the training and practice experience. By providing measurable feedback from state-of-the-art technology, improvement becomes accelerated. Through the use of Foresight Quad ball tracking and high-speed cameras we can now shorten the learning curve. During the winter months, the Indoor Facility provides a perfect environment to learn and practice for the coming season.

Driving Range

The newest addition to our driving range is our 48-foot canopy that can cover up to 5 golfers during their practice sessions. The covered area can be moved forward on our turf to allow golfers to practice shots of different yardages on a daily basis. Having the ability to cover half of our driving range allows us to use the facility in the shade of the summer heat and dreary rainy days.