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​Welcome to Brae Burn Country Club

  • Dining Rules
      Please make sure you check with the Brae Burn office to confirm the evenings dress code (when in doubt, please call).

      Not allowed on the upper floor of the clubhouse for anyone at any time: 
      Gym, Bathing or Workout Attire, Sweats (including Warm-Ups and Jogging Suits, Spandex Shorts / Pants, Cut-Offs or any clothing that is Sweat Soaked), Rubber Flip-Flops, Open Toed Sandals (except for women), Visors or Hats (except for women). Shoes must be worn at all times (Golf Shoes are allowed with soft-spikes). 

      1. Dress Codes for Adults:  


      Tuesday through Sunday, Mornings and Afternoons the following attire is permitted in the dining and bar areas: Casual Attire, Golf and appropriate Tennis Attire. Adults are allowed to wear Neat Collarless Pullovers (no sweat shirts). Adults are not allowed to wear T-shirts unless they are appropriate Tennis Apparel(that person must be going to or coming from the Tennis Courts).


      Wednesday and Thursday Evenings the following attire is permitted in the dining and bar areas: Casual Attire and Golf Attire.  


      Friday and Saturday Evenings listed as "Casual Dinner"- Neat Jeans are permissible, "Traditional Dinner"-Slacks and a Collared Shirt are always required.  On occasion the Friday and Saturday night dress codes may vary.  Neat Jeans would be permitted or Jackets may be required.


      Sunday BBQ's and Family Dinners the following attire is permitted in the dining and bar areas: Casual Attire and Golf Attire. Adults are allowed to wear Neat Collarless Pullovers (no sweat shirts).  Adults are not allowed to
      wear T-shirts. On special occasions the Sunday Dress Code may change.

      2. Dress Codes for Children:


      Children up to the age of 16 are allowed to wear NEAT T-Shirts for Breakfast and Lunch.  Children are also allowed to wear athletic uniforms for breakfast and lunch, but NOT CLEATS.  


      Children up to the age of 16 are allowed to wear NEAT T-Shirts and Bermuda Shorts for Sunday Night BBQ's.  
      On Special occasions, the Sunday night Dress Code may change.

      3. Dress Code Definitions:

      Country Club Casual: 

      Collared Dress Shirt, Collared Casual Button-Down Shirt
      (no Golf Shirt), Slacks 


      Collared Casual Button-Down Shirt, Golf Shirt, Slacks, Khakis,
      Neat Jeans (no tears or holes) 

      Golf Attire:

      Golf Shirt, Mock Turtle Neck, Bermuda Shorts, Golf Skirt 

      Neat Jeans:

      Not frayed, bleached, soiled or torn 

      Neat T-Shirt:

      Not frayed, bleached, soiled or torn 

      Tennis Attire:


      Tennis Shorts, Tennis Skirt, Tennis Shirt,
      Neat Pullover (not a sweatshirt), Tennis Dress

  • Golf Rules
    • Proper attire must be worn on the golf course and at all golf practice areas by players and spectators.  

      For Men:

      • Shorts must be Bermuda length or longer;
      • Shirts must be collared;
      • Cargo shorts and cargo pants are not permitted;
      • Shirts must be tucked in pants;

      For Women:

      • Shorts must be no more than 6 inches above the knee
      • Shirts can be worn out but must not have banded bottoms
      • No tank tops or halter tops

      For All Golfers:

      • Jeans, exercise, bathing and tennis attire are not permitted on the golf course or practice area
      • Golf hats must be worn with the brim facing forward.
      • Any person who does not dress appropriately will be asked to comply immediately or leave the golf venue.

  • Tennis Rules


      Appropriate tennis attire is required for all players including children. 


      Colored tennis clothing is permitted.


      Not permitted are the following: walking, cut-off, soccer, running, lycra or spandex shorts. Tank tops and t-shirts are not permitted for men.


      Proper tennis sneakers must be worn. Cross-training, heavy tread and running sneakers are not permitted. 

  • Cellphone Rules
    • All Cell Phones must be set to VIBRATE mode on CLUB PROPERTY. Cell Phone conversations are prohibited in the clubhouse. If a call is received, you must immediately go to the nearest allowable phone area. These are:


      Patio areas where no food is being served 


      Adjacent to the Starters Booth.  


      In the “Adult Area” and swing set as designated in the Pool Rules. 


      On the golf course.

  • Smoking Rules
    • Smoking Policy - Smoking (including e-cigarettes) Smoking is allowed on the golf course, in the parking lot, designated area behind the 2nd green and outside the main bar doors leading to the snack bar patio (when the snack bar and pool are closed and not being used for service). 

      NOT PERMITTED ANYWHERE ELSE. If you are unsure where smoking is permitted, please inquire.

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