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Blake Halderman

Certified Golf Course Superintendent

Brae Burn Country Club 

December 11, 2019

Dear Members,

The weather for Fall/Winter golf has been a little difficult with many days of rain/snow but as long as the course is firm we will be open for play.

One question I get often is, "what do you guys do in the winter?".  Of course fighting the elements is sometimes difficult but we always have winter projects going on outdoors as well as the necessary maintenance of every piece of equipment, painting ballwashers, flagsticks and tee markers, staining benches, general shop upkeep and plenty of other small projects indoors if we can not get outside.    

For example, the last two winters our major projects were constructing the stairs near the putting green and building a "burn" on 15.  This off season we are juggling many small projects as well and tackle each one (usually having to jump around a bit) based on the weather.  We already completed a lot of drainage work this Fall in front of 7 tee as a continuation of the work we did on 6/7 last year but we are hoping to add a little more to 7 fairway.  We are also cleaning out left of 16 path, constructing new walkways and a sitting area at the tennis facility, re-building the wall on the right side of the bridge on 8 pond, building a wash pad at our nursery area to protect our ponds from unnecessary contamination and plenty of tree work/cleanup in conjunction with an outside contractor.    

The bottom line is that there is an endless amount of work to do in the off-season and with only a few staff members even in the off-season we get spread pretty thin.  You mix in a few days where the entire crew will be shoveling snow, some holidays and vacation time and before you know it we are scrambling to finish the projects before its time to start cutting the grass again in the Spring.   

From all of us in the Greens Department we hope you have a wonderful off-season and rest assured we will be here plugging away at some small projects that will enhance your golfing experience next year.   

Thank You!

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